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call me 'Sid'

Mindset Mastery Coach for Performers, Stage Fright Hacker, Social Media Mentor & Proud Introvert

Throughout my journey as a performer I evolved from a shy orchestra pit kid to an internationally recognized actress performing in Broadway shows the world over.


I discovered tricks and tips along the way, but amongst all of the lessons I learned, it was in doing the inner Mindset work that I was able to change the game. Once I discovered ME, I began to use my natural intoverion as well as my online presence to showcase myself in a way that led an audience, followers, fans, and even jobs to FIND me.


Let me be your guide on your way to discovering your true voice, overcoming stage fright both in person and online, and harnessing the skill of true confidence.

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"It was so amazing to hear you speak yesterday especially during these uncertain times thank you for taking the time to talk to us."

"Thank you so much for your time today you are a joy to listen to you! My future may not be in theater, but your passion and your advice for seizing opportunities has me feeling very inspired and excited to take on the unknown. "

"Sid is the real deal— authentic caring innovated kind, crazy talented and generous. Set is experienced, creative, motivated and has the added gift of being able to teach her craft others, which not everyone is capable of doing! I cannot recommend her enough!"

"Your lecture was amazing!! You’re so inspiring and totally lifted up my spirits today. "

"Thank you for taking your time with me today! I am not going to theater but your advice will definitely be helpful in pretty much every aspect of my life. Your advice about taking care of yourself is going to be instrumental in getting me through the next four years in my professional life."

"Sidonie offered really helpful tips and helped our university students begin to look at their career paths in a different, healthier way. The presentation really sparked inspiration."


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